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Local Marana Group reaches 1,000 members in less than a year.

Can you believe it has been 10 months since we launched the Local Marana Facebook Group and Page? Time has flown by and the growth of the group has happened quickly and swiftly. As the group continues to grow, we will work and work to remind members the group is a place to recommend, ask for information and share experiences.

Here’s the reality, just “posting” about your business is not what people are truly looking for. Research has shown people want to connect with the local business scene through shared experiences. Taking a picture of the delicious food you ate from a local shop and sharing it with your followers is a powerfulinfluence event. Here at our organization, we have checked out spots due to shared experiences.

Alejandro “Serious Mexican, Mariscos & Fusion Food”

We want to encourage members to be local influencers and have fun. Whether you are doing a meet-up, a lunch meeting or looking out for a local business, your shared experience will be recognized in the group.

In closing, we want to thank everyone who was joined the group and contributed to the continued success of local business.

-Loca Marana Collaborative.

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