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It’s Not an Either or Situation

Nobody can deny the value that large corporations and franchises can bring to a community. The goal of supporting local businesses is a separate activity to help us connect with the community even more. Small businesses often add an incredible amount of value to the communities they exist in because the owners live there, their children attend school there and they are a part of the infrastructure. They want their business to grow while also helping their communities grow.

Small-business owners generally enjoy what they do and play an important role in their communities. From giving localities a hometown feel, to working hard to get to know their neighbors, these small businesses do a lot to help others who live nearby in a variety of ways. Additionally, it is often from small enterprises where new ideas and industries are created. That is not to say that large corporations or franchise owners don’t, but there is a significant difference between a mom-and-pop shop and a franchise.

The franchise has instant brand recognition and access to resources that most small businesses could never dream of having. When Brand A or Brand B opens, a huge percentage of the time it’s a success because the corporations adhere to strict guidelines regarding where and who is permitted to open these restaurants. Small businesses aren’t shunning or even desiring large corporations to close, it’s not an either or situation. Instead, small business is attempting to shine a light on other small businesses and assist those who don’t have the vast resources of large conglomerates.

A powerful small business trade group, or community mastermind provides many small businesses with the most powerful resources. Remember, every large business in existence today… started out as a small business.

-Clint Peek, Live The Dream Media President.

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