The Town of Marana is experiencing a massive construction boom. The northwest Pima County town has been experiencing a huge surge in development, particularly along the I-10 and Tangerine/Marana Road corridor. The area has become one of the most sought-after locations in the southwest region due to its excellent schools, job opportunities, housing options, weather, and commuting access. With a new Fry’s coming to the area, the corridor is expected to continue its upward trend of growth.

Marana’s population has nearly doubled in the last decade, and it is projected to keep increasing at a remarkable rate. The town’s strategic location, adjacent to I-10, makes it an ideal destination for commercial and residential developments. Moreover, the town’s leadership, under the guidance of Mayor Ed Honea, the Town Council, and Town Staff headed by Marana Town Manager Terry Rozema has been dedicated to creating a transparent and diverse community, which has contributed to its popularity.

Mayor Honea spoke about the town’s commitment to transparency and diversity, stating, “We are proud of our community and its growth. We have worked hard to create an environment that is transparent and inclusive. We believe that Marana’s growth and prosperity are due to the hard work of our community, both in terms of local leadership and the residents.”

One of the most significant developments in the area is the housing sector, which has grown rapidly in the past few years. There are various housing options available, ranging from affordable to luxury homes. The demand for housing is expected to continue growing, given the town’s economic growth and attractiveness as a desirable living destination.

In addition to housing, warehousing has been a significant contributor to the town’s growth, with over one million square feet of space currently under construction, soon to be occupied by various companies, and more begin construction soon. The proximity to major highways and other logistical advantages makes the area an attractive destination for warehousing, and many companies have already established operations in Marana.

The upcoming opening of a new Fry’s grocery store will add to the convenience of the area and is expected to attract more people to the town. The store will be located in the Marana Marketplace, a major shopping center that will house several other stores and restaurants.

The growth in Marana has also created several job opportunities, making it an attractive destination for job seekers. The town has a diversified economy, with opportunities in various sectors, including education, healthcare, and technology. This diversity makes it a stable and attractive destination for those looking to settle down in the area.

Moreover, the town’s excellent schools have been a significant draw for families looking to relocate to the area. The Marana Unified School District has received high rankings in various academic assessments, making it an excellent destination for families looking to provide their children with a high-quality education.

Another contributing factor to Marana’s growth is its excellent weather, which attracts visitors and residents alike. The town is situated in the Sonoran Desert, which experiences mild winters and hot summers. This climate provides an opportunity for various outdoor activities throughout the year, such as hiking, biking, and golfing.

Furthermore, the town’s commuting access is among the best in the region. With easy access to major highways and public transportation, residents have the flexibility to commute to various locations in the area, including downtown Tucson, which is just a short drive away.

One of the most important facts about Marana is its average medium age of 39.6 years old. The median age is an essential factor for the local economy, as it indicates the level of purchasing power, consumption, and workforce productivity.

A younger median age, for example, suggests that the town may have a more dynamic and entrepreneurial population, while an older median age may indicate a more stable and established community. In any case, understanding the demographics of Marana is crucial for policymakers, business owners, and residents to make informed decisions about social and economic development.

Another essential statistic about Marana is its medium family income of $96,000. This figure is higher than the median household income for the state of Arizona, which is approximately $62,000. The medium family income in Marana suggests that the town has a relatively affluent population with a higher-than-average standard of living.

The higher income also indicates the town’s potential for economic growth, as it implies a larger market for businesses and services. However, it’s important to note that the medium family income is just one indicator of the town’s economic health, and policymakers should also consider other factors, such as employment rate, industry diversity, and education levels, to ensure sustainable and equitable growth.

In conclusion, Marana’s growth along the I-10 and Tangerine/Marana Road corridor is a testament to the town’s strategic location, leadership, and commitment to transparency and diversity. The area’s excellent schools, job opportunities, housing options, weather, and commuting access make it one of the most desirable locations in the southwest region. The town is poised to continue its upward trend of growth and development, making it an excellent destination for families, businesses, and visitors alike.


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